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Fire Retardant Monarflex

The Product

Fire Retardant Monarflex

Fire Retardant Monarflex is one of the most popular scaffold sheeting products on the market.  It is extremely durable, affordable, and provides excellent protection for site personnel.  Fire Retardant Monarflex makes the work site safer and protects personnel from rain, wind, and snow. 

This product uses a 3-ply construction with the two outer layers consisting of weather resistant Co-polymer Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with flame retarder additives. The middle layer is a multifilament polyester (PET) grid which provides weather protection.  This sheeting uses bands of high strength weave with a double coating to increase its durability.  This product is ideal for low rise projects that are not exposed to high wind.

Fire Retardant Monarflex Features:
  • Heavy duty scaffold sheeting
  • Available in Milk White colour
  • Available in 2m x 45mand3m x 45mroll sizes
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