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Scaffolding Supplies

If you have any questions about any of our stocked products or want to make a larger order, give us a call today on 0208 485 8631.

Scaffolding Supplies EC3 Monument

J Nichols Supplies stocks a wide range of commercial grade scaffolding supplies in EC3 Monument including Polyethylene reinforced and non-reinforced sheeting, cable ties, toggle ties, scaffolding tags, building wraps, flame retardant Monarflex netting, and scaffolding caps.

All of our products are extremely durable and suitable for any kind of construction project, from shop fit-outs to high-rise construction in EC3 Monument.

Scaffold Sheeting Supplies EC3 Monument

J Nichols Supplies sells a variety of scaffold sheeting products EC3 Monument. All products are sourced from leading manufacturers and of the highest quality. Our EC3 Monument scaffold sheeting improves the safety of a work site by preventing personnel from being injured from falling objects.

Building wraps and scaffold sheeting can also be used in EC3 Monument to advertise on a construction site.

Debris Netting EC3 Monument

Our EC3 Monument debris netting is perforated with holes large enough to allow air circulation while reducing the penetration of high wind, snow, and rain onto the job site. This improves the comfort levels of site occupants. Each roll of debris netting in EC3 Monument has eyelets along the top and bottom of the sheet along with a central feed which makes securing the netting to your scaffolding simple.

Toggle Ties EC3 Monument

J Nichols Supplies sells a wide range of scaffolding supplies in EC3 Monument including highly-quality toggle ties. A toggle tie is an elasticised bungee that is often used to attach scaffold sheeting onto the scaffold. Our EC3 Monument toggle ties are constructed from high quality elastic and plastic, giving them a long lifespan.

Bungee Ties for Scaffold EC3 Monument

We stock a range of bungee cord products in EC3 Monument, designed for use in a range of operating environments. All products are extremely durable and are made from tough braided PES polyester cover with a thick natural rubber core. The build quality of our bungee cord ensures that it will provide many years of use in tough conditions. Our EC3 Monument bungee cord is also UV resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

Skip Nets EC3 Monument

J Nichols Supplies sells skip nets in EC3 Monument, we supply many different colours and sizes. They are heavy duty products made from knotted or knotless polyethylene with a reinforced edge for additional durability. Our EC3 Monument skip nets are flexible which allows them to adjust to different types of loads. In addition to covering skips, our skip nets are useful for covering the sides of cages and stillages. We also stock the necessary fasteners for attaching skip nets in EC3 Monument.

Fire Retardant Netting EC3 Monument

Superflex Standard scaffold sheeting in EC3 Monument is designed to protect personnel on a job site from wind chill, rain, and snow. It is a very durable product that is UV treated, mildew-proof, tear-resistant, and water-proof. Superflex Standard scaffold sheeting also protects your EC3 Monument work site from contamination from dust and debris. It is simple to install using zip ties or toggle ties. Both non-fireproof and fireproof versions are available in EC3 Monument.

Fire Retardant Monarflex EC3 Monument

EC3 Monument Fire Retardant Monarflex is one of the most popular scaffold sheeting products on the market in EC3 Monument. It is extremely durable, affordable, and provides excellent protection for site personnel. Fire Retardant Monarflex makes your work site in EC3 Monument safer and protects personnel from rain, wind, and snow.

Large Range of Stock Available

We are one of only a handful of company's in the UK who hold a large amount of stock, and can supply both to the trade and directly to the end user.

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